NFL Power Rankings: New Blood Appearing on the Week 1 list

We have one week of NFL football in the books and it’s time for the list that no football website can do without, the power rankings. Most lists are pure opinion though. The ones here though will use the average ranking, one to 32, across 26 statistics that I use for my Nostrathomas predictions. The lower the score, the better that team has done across all statistical measures.

There are always many changes in the first few weeks as we find out who each team is and they settle into their consistent level. After Week 1, there are a couple of surprises in the top 10 but most teams at or near the top are ones we expected to see before the season began.

1. New England Patriots – 6.9

New England Patriots edges out the Ravens for the top spot after one week of NFL action. One advantage they had in Week 1 was playing the No. 32 team from 2019. One thing to watch, can Cam Newton can do as much through the air going forward as he did on the ground last Sunday?

2. Baltimore Ravens – 7.2

The Ravens were at or near the top of the NFL mountain last season until they reached the Divisional Round of the playoffs. Does anyone still think Lamar Jackson can’t do damage through the air? His 20 completions in 25 attempts and 152.1 passer rating proves what a well-rounded quarterback he is.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers – 9.2

Ben Roethlisberger showed that if he stays healthy that Baltimore will have competition for the top of the AFC North this season.

4. Kansas City Chiefs – 10.3

Kansas City turned the battle of the next quarterback generation into the Patrick Mahomes show. Even worse for the rest of the NFL, Mohomes shared the stage with running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire, the Chiefs 2020 first round draft pick. Yes, Kansas City can run the ball.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars – 11.3

If Jacksonville fans thought the team was closer to a rebuilding year than competing in the AFC South no one told second-year quarterback Gardner Minshew. He only threw for 173 yards but finished the game with a 142.3 passer rating.

6. Buffalo Bills – 12.3

The Buffalo defense will be tough all season and the Bills will be even tougher if Josh Allen continues to play at his current level.

7. Seattle Seahawks – 12.4

Russell Wilson in one of the premier quarterbacks in the NFL and always makes Seattle dangerous.

8. Washington Football Team – 12.6

All “Riverboat” Ron does is put his team in positions to win.

9. Green Bay Packers – 13.1

Green Bay takes the early advantage in the NFC North.

10. Las Vegas Raiders – 13.2

Derek Carr spread the ball around, completing passes to nine receivers in Week 1.

11. New Orleans Saints – 13.6

Drew Brees wins the Senior Citizens Bowl. He and Brady will meet again in Week 9.

12. Chicago Bears – 13.7

Waiting for the fourth quarter to bring out your best game is usually a recipe for disaster.

13. Los Angeles Rams – 14.4

The win over Dallas was nearly as ugly as their new logo.

14. Arizona Cardinals – 14.6

It only took one game for Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins to become best buds.

15. Los Angeles Chargers – 14.9

The Philip Rivers era is over. The Chargers came back to win a game in the fourth quarter.

16. Tennessee Titans – 15.0

Stephen Gostkowski missed three but hit the one that counted.

17. Dallas Cowboys – 15.9

Mike McCarthy took coaching lessons from Jason Garrett.

18. Denver Broncos – 15.9

Someone remind Vic Fangio that he has three timeouts to use in a half.

19. San Francisco 49ers – 16.6

The defending NFC Champs will have to step up their game to hold their division dominance in 2020.

20. Minnesota Vikings – 16.7

Minnesota got bargain bang for the big bucks they shelled out.

21. Carolina Panthers – 16.7

Carolina’s offense may be fine. They’re defense not so much.

22. Cincinnati Bengals – 17.2

Rookie quarterback Joe Burrow could have Cincinnati trending up the list soon.

23. Detroit Lions – 18.6

The Lions coughed up another fourth-quarter big cat hairball in Week 1.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 18.9

Tom Brady came out of last Sunday’s old-timers game on the losing side. The Buccaneers get to try again when they host Carolina this Sunday.

25. Houston Texans – 19.3

Houston looked like a Super Bowl pretender than contender last Thursday. They host another one next Sunday.

26. Atlanta Falcons – 19.7

The Falcons made Seattle feel right at home Sunday. Matt Ryan deserves better.

27. Philadelphia Eagles – 19.9

Were the Eagles ready to play a team they were expected to beat easily or are they that bad?

28. New York Giants – 20.2

Saquon Barkley rushing six times for 15 yards didn’t do quarterback Daniel Jones any favors.

29. Indianapolis Colts – 20.3

The Colts spent Sunday afternoon moving the ball everywhere on the field except into the end zone.

30. New York Jets – 21.2

If the Jets keep playing the way they did against Buffalo, Adam Gase won’t be around to finish the Sam Darnold development project.

31. Miami Dolphins – 22.7

The Dolphins spent all of 2019 at the bottom of everyone’s power rankings. They better show life soon or head coach Brian Flores is going to be a short-timer in Miami.

32. Cleveland Browns – 25.4

Maybe the Browns will have better luck facing rookie quarterback Joe Burrow on Thursday night.

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