Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: How the Mighty have Fallen

Week 5 saw some intimidating teams have their cloak of invincibility ripped away. The Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills and Indianapolis Colts all were beaten convincingly. That opened the way for some new blood to break into the top of this week’s Football from A to Z Power Rankings.

The score next to each team reflects their average rank across 26 offensive and defensive statistical measures.

The New Top Five!

1. Baltimore Ravens – 7.96

Two straight dominant victories, granted over teams that have a combined 2-7-1 record, have propelled Baltimore past the Chiefs in the rankings, even though the Ravens lost to Kansas City in Week 3.

The Ravens have accomplished a rare feat. They lead the league with an average of one point scored per every 11.4 yards of offense. That means they only need, on average, of 79.8 yards of offense to score seven points. Baltimore has a killer instinct when it comes to short fields on offence.

On defense, they’re holding opponents to one point for every 22.0 yards of defense allowed. That means teams have to drive the equivalent of 154 yards to score seven against them. That is also the top mark in the NFL this season.

On average, the Ravens are playing on dramatically shorter fields than their opponents. It’s no wonder why they shot to the top the Power Rankings this week.

2. Los Angeles Rams – 8.35

The Rams were propelled to the second spot in the Football from A to Z Power Rankings this week after crushing the Washington Football Team. Los Angeles welcomed quarterback Alex Smith back to the NFL by sacking him six times for 31 yards. On offense, Jared Goff threw for 309 yards and a passer rating of 111.7.

Next up for Los Angeles’ dominating defense, a divisional clash against the San Francisco 49ers next Sunday night.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers – 9.12

Wide receiver Chase Claypool scored four touchdowns last week against Philadelphia to leapfrog the Steelers to third in this week’s Power Rankings and to first over the Browns in the AFC North. Next, Pittsburgh goes head to head with Cleveland in a Week 6 at contest at home..

4. Kansas City Chiefs – 9.58

Long time AFL and AFC West division rival Raiders proved that Kansas City’s dominant team is mortal after all. The top team in the power rankings drops to the fourth spot after losing to the Raiders at home.

5. Green Bay Packers – 10.35

Green Bay returns to action after their bye week with a Week 6, late Sunday afternoon game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Packers currently top the NFL in points per play, paints per drive and net yards per passing attempt.

Rounding out the Top 10!

6. Indianapolis Colts – 10.69

The Colts’ league leading defensive numbers took a hit last week when they allowed Cleveland to put up 32 points in their Week 5 loss. They’ll try to recover Sunday at home against the Cincinnati Bengals.

7. Tennessee Titans – 11.81

Tennessee makes the biggest Power Rankings move this week after burying the Buffalo Bills into the Nissan Stadium turf on Monday Night Football.

8. Tie – Seattle Seahawks – 12.15 (Last Week – 2)

The Seahawks did win last week but it took a bone-headed decision by Minnesota’s head coach Mike Zimmer and last minute heroics from Russell Wilson to make it happen.

8. Tie – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 12.15

Tampa Bay lost a thriller to the Bears to kickoff Week 5 but shut down Chicago’s run game which kept them hanging just inside the top 10 for another week.

10. Cleveland Browns – 13.31

The Browns shut down Indianapolis last weekend. We’ll find out if they’re a serious player in the AFC North after their Week 6 game against division rival Pittsburgh.

The rest of the pack!

11. Arizona Cardinals – 13.81

The Cardinals were able to halt their two game free-fall with a therapeutic visit to MetLife Health Spa for a game against the Jets. This week they visit Dallas to face The Red Rifle.

12. New Orleans Saints – 14.27

New Orleans was fortunate that the Chargers played their final possession of the fourth quarter so close to the vest until Justin Hebert completed a 29 yard pass to Mike Williams. Placekicker Michael Badgley missed the 50 yard field goal and the Saints stole away the victory away in overtime.

13. Chicago Bears – 14.31

The Bears failed to miserably on the ground last week against Tampa Bay. David Montgomery and Cordarrelle Patterson combined for 36 yards in 13 carries. Chicago will struggle to climb in the Power Rankings until they can get their running game to a level that befits a playoff contender.

14. Las Vegas Raiders – 14.50

Las Vegas lost two straight games to AFC East teams then cruised into Kansas City and whipped the Chiefs on both sides of the ball. Are the Raiders on the rise in the AFC? We’ll see after their bye week.

15. Miami Dolphins – 15.42

Ryan Fitzpatrick is on one of his hot streaks and he’s taken the Dolphins on a fun ride through the early part of the schedule. As  long as he stays “Fitz-Magic”, Miami will stay inhospitable to opponents.

16. Carolina Panthers – 15.92

Carolina greased the skids for the firing of Falcons head coach Dan Quinn and General Manager Thomas Dimitroff last week. The one weakness in their game right now is in stopping the run, which happens to be Chicago’s weakness on offense the past two weeks. Which side will give on Sunday?

17. Tie – Buffalo Bills – 16.96

The Bills obviously aren’t a team built for Tuesday Night Football. They draw a more familiar Monday Night Football contest in Week 6 but against a Kansas City team that will also be looking to get well quick.

17. Tie – San Francisco 49ers – 16.96 (Last Week – 6)

San Francisco lost to the Philadelphia Eagles at home, then made the Dolphins feel right at home in Levi’s Stadium last week. It got so bad that quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo got benched after halftime for C.J. Beathard. Their 2020 playoff hopes will be hanging by a thread if they can’t recover against the Rams on Sunday night.

19. New England Patriots – 17.19

The Patriots get Cam Newton and cornerback Stephan Gilmore back for their game this week against the Denver Broncos.

20. Los Angeles Chargers – 17.81 (Last Week – 17)

The Chargers had 52 seconds to drive into field goal range and put the Saints away in New Orleans. A series of conservative play calls kept them from getting closer than the 50-yard field goal attempt that Michael Badgley doinked off the upright.

21. Philadelphia Eagles – 19.65

Philadelphia hung tough against the Steelers last week but couldn’t overcome a Chase Claypool, four touchdown outing. The Eagles host another AFC powerhouse, the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday.

22. Minnesota Vikings – 19.69

Minnesota had the chance to win a statement game last week against the Seahawks but instead, crawled back under the rock they’ve been hiding under all season. An eight point lead with two minutes to go always beats a five point lead, especially when you’re facing Russell Wilson.

23. Dallas Cowboys – 20.04

Dallas won and lost big last weekend. The Cowboys won their NFC East “slowdown” with the Giants last week but lost starting quarterback Dak Prescott for the season with a broken leg. Andy “The Red Rifle” Dalton will lead this team the rest of the way.

24. Denver Broncos – 20.46 (Last Week – 25)

Denver was the beneficiary of teams dropping due to Week  5 losses. They’ll travel to New England in Week 6 to face the equally well-rested Patriots.

25. Cincinnati Bengals – 20.88 (Last Week – 19)

Fans got a look at how far the Bengals still have to go to contend in the NFC North. Only a fourth quarter field goal with 37 seconds left in last week’s game against the Ravens kept Cincinnati from an embarrassing shutout.

26. Houston Texans – 21.85 (Last Week – 30)

What a difference a week and a new head coach can make. Romeo Crennel’s new squad crushed the Jaguars at home last week.

27. Detroit Lions – 22.31 (Last Week – 27)

After their Week 5 bye, Detroit travels to Atlanta to face the new look, Raheem Morris coached Falcons.

28. Washington Football Teams – 22.38 (Last Week – 29)

Congratulations to Alex Smith, who lined up over center in Week 5 after suffering a spiral and compound fracture to the tibia and fibula in his right leg in 2018. Unfortunately, he entered this game against Aaron Donald and a Rams pass rush that sacked him six times for 31 yards.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars – 22.62

Jacksonville has dropped among the league’s bottom feeders after an impressive, season opening victory over the Indianapolis Colts. Last week they became Romeo Crennel’s first victory as interim coach of the Houston Texans. Their remaining challenge this season is to not fall any lower in the Power Rankings.

30. Atlanta Falcons – 22.88

Raheem Morris is taking over the team after owner Arthur Blank finally decided he had seen enough of general manager Thomas Dimitroff and head coach Dan Quinn. We’ll see if the team can begin to climb out of its 0-5 hole or wait till next year.

31. New York Giants – 24.96

Daniel Jones had a chance to show Giants fans that he had the makings of a franchise quarterback against a subpar Dallas defense and put up an 80.6 passer rating with one lost fumble.

32. New York Jets – 25.23

The Jets continue to go nowhere and after the events of this week, will continue on that road without Le’Veon Bell.

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