Nostrathomas Predicts: Brady vs Mahomes in Super Bowl LV

The league has picked up some battle scars in this year of Covid-19 but they’ve made it to the finish line. We’re all ready to enjoy Super Bowl LV.

The current king of NFL quarterbacks will step out this afternoon try to retain his crown against one of the most talented challengers he’s ever faced.


Nostrathomas had drained the crystal beer mugs last night while watching “Blazing Saddles”. They’re full again so let’s peer in and see what we can expect out of tonight’s game.

Kansas City Chiefs -3 vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Over/Under 56 (5:30PM ET; Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL)

Many fans can’t wait to see Patrick Mahomes on the big stage again after he led the Chiefs to a 31-20 victory over the San Francisco 49ers last year in Super Bowl LIV. Tampa Bay isn’t without assets of their own though to bring on defense.

The Buccaneers frustrated 2020 NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers by letting Ndamukong Suh take on interior blockers and free up Shaq Barrett to collapse the pocket directly in front of Rodgers. Jason Pierre-Paul worked from the outside to keep Rodgers’ escape routes closed.

Expect Tampa Bay defensive coordinator Todd Bowles to attack the Chiefs in a similar manner, especially with Kansas City left tackle Eric Fisher and right tackle Mitchell Schwartz out for the game.

The Buccaneers are also the strongest defensive unit in football against the run. That, teamed with Kansas City’s offensive line problems is going to make a long day for running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

For Tampa Bay on offense, they finished 2020 third in the league in a yards to points scored. The Buccaneers average 12.49 yards of offense to score one point. In other words, Tampa Bay spent the season only needing 87.43 yards of offense to put up seven points.

One of the most important things that the Chiefs must do in this game is take care of the football. They will also be relying heavily on their special teams coverage units. Give Tom Brady a short field and he will destroy you with it!

The only two times the Chiefs were beaten in 2020, they were out-rushed by their opponent. As much as anyone wants to see Tom Brady chucking the ball downfield to Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, the real keys to Tamp Bay’s offense in this game is whether Ronald Jones II and Leonard Fournette grind out yards against a Chiefs defense ranked sixteenth in yards per attempt against.

Of course, the Chiefs have plenty of firepower of their own or they wouldn’t be here. Kansas City loves to run Tyreek Hill down and across the field while daring his defender to keep up. If you provide safety help against Hill, you have to find another way to keep tight end Travis Kelce checked. Concentrate to heavily on both of them and there’s always Mecole Hardman or Sammy Watkins to try and hold down.

While the Buccaneers should have success pushing the pocket backwards again, the difference is that Mahomes makes quicker decisions than Rodgers. There are too many targets on the field that Mahomes can lean on when he’s in trouble and he always seems to have a sense for where they are.

Mahomes is also a master improviser. Just when you think he’s cornered he’ll shovel the ball to Helaire or a receiver who came back to help out. You see a defender about to put his hands on Mahomes and the ball suddenly comes out on a line from a sidearm delivery. Hell, one of the more interesting prop bets for today’s game is whether or not Mahomes is going to toss one left-handed to get himself out of trouble. Don’t rule it out.

There is one more stat to look at in evaluating this game. Kansas City went 5-0 against teams that finished the 2020 season above .500. The living legend was 1-4.

Patrick Mahomes is the “Human Cheat Code” at quarterback and he’s brought his “A” game to this postseason. No matter what Tampa Bay does right in this game and how good their coaching staff is, Nostrathomas can’t see them keeping Mahomes in check all game. Just when you think you have the Chiefs beat their offense finds another gear.

Nostrathomas says the Kansas City Chiefs repeat as Super Bowl Champions and cover in the process.

Kansas City Chiefs 35 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31

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