Jocks & Pigskins: The Falcons Finale, Playoff Scenarios, Bye-Bye Ben and My NFL Week 18 Picks

Dave Holcomb (@dmholcomb) and I (@tjpollin) did a show that was so full it exploded out to an extra 15 minutes.

The conversation moved through the Antonio Brown incident on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sideline, Chances of the Atlanta Falcons ruining the New Orleans Saints playoff hopes, my picks for Week 18 and what the networks left out of the Ben Roethlisberger farewell.

You can watch more of Jocks and Pigskins on the Atlanta Sports Unlimited YouTube channel along with other great channel content.

The show is sponsored by the Prize Picks app. Visit the following link to sign up for Prize Picks, and when you use code “ASU” Prize Picks will 100% match your initial deposit up to $100. 💰

Jocks & Pigskins

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